See what others have to say about Strings Around The World's teachers and program:

…an amazing mission. We’re honoured to be a part of it!
— -Skype Inc.
{Mary-Elizabeth’s} radiant smile and heart-full personality combined with her exceptional musical talent create something really quite extraordinary – something you just don’t find every day. if you have the opportunity to study with Mary-Beth you should grab it – and know you are in for a truly unique and special experience.
— -Janet M.
I feel I have improved quite a bit after starting classes with you. Thank you so much for being my intonation police. I really need it. :)
— Arun R.
…. a rare experience of brilliance.
— -Caroline
She sees past the drudgery of technique and uses repetition to awaken the player’s response to the composer’s intent on many levels. Rarely do you meet a teacher capable of capturing all elements of musical expression when studying an instrument. Anyone would be lucky to study with her.
— Carol D.
With her guidance, I grew as a violinist as well as a person. I gained skill and confidence in my playing, and she awakened in me a deeper appreciation for classical music. Any violinist who is fortunate enough to work with Mary-Beth will enjoy the same fantastic experience that I have had.
— Steph M.
I will be forever grateful and I will never forget her advice. It truly made me a better player the instant she spoke to me. That’s just who she is: a fantastic educator and musician who helps you to be your best just by being around you
— Alyssa