Support for Parents


Parents worldwide struggle to make daily practice with their kids enjoyable and productive. Turn your struggle into great success and quality time with your kids with the Strings Around The World Practice Workshop.

Aimed at parents of students of all ages, the seminar allows parents to learn valuable practice tips, tools, games and strategies while sharing experiences with other parents in real time during this two-hour session hosted by Strings Around The World Director, Mary-Elizabeth Brown. Webinars are limited to a maximum of 5 parents per session and are scheduled weekly on a first come, first served basis in a variety of time zones.

Topics include:

  • Basic child psychology and how it relates to practicing
  • Cognitive development
  • Principles of practice
  • How the brain works when learning music
  • Ways to help your son or daughter practice better
  • Practice games

All parents will receive a copy of an extensive reading list and a 70 page "parent pack" of articles and practice games at the end of the session.

This webinar is not instrument-specific. Parents of all music students are welcome!

Cost: $59 per participant

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