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Personal attention is one of Strings Around The World's core values. We take the time to get to know you and match every student with a member of our team based on personalities, goals and scheduling. Happy students learn better.

Here's how it works:

Step one: Fill in the form below with your basic information and any questions you might have.

Step two: One of the members of Strings Around The World's admin team responds within 24 hours to answer your questions and set up an interview time.

Steph three: Meet with Mary-Elizabeth (or a senior member of the team in case of excess demand) for a personal interview to discuss your goals, background, preferences and schedule.

Step four: You'll be matched up with a suitable Strings Around The World teacher based on personality, scheduling and your individual needs. On the rare occasion that a suitable teacher isn't available, you'll be given the choice to try an alternate teacher or be placed on our waiting list. 

Step five: Use the information sent to you in your teacher-match email to book your first lesson! 

Step six: Have your first lesson and let us know how it goes! We're sure you'll have a fabulous time, but on the off-chance that you aren't completely satisfied, we'll set you up with another member of our team based on your feedback. 

Step seven: Join our community through social media and get to know the rest of the Strings Around The World Family. Don't forget to keep an eye on your mailbox for your Strings Around The World Welcome Kit!


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MISSED LESSON & MAKE-UP LESSON POLICY: Your teacher has reserved time for you the schedule, so please do the same! You are responsible for your scheduled lesson times. Be advised that missed lessons will not be made-up, nor will a refund be issued. Each student is welcome to one make-up lesson per 8-week term, provided 24 hours notice is given. Strings Around The World’s teachers are all active professional performers and pedagogues. Studying with a teacher who is also an active performer has many benefits, but also means the occasional re-scheduled lesson to accommodate rehearsal, concert and travel schedules. Rest assured that you will receive all of your lessons throughout the year, and know that your flexibility is appreciated! Any applicable make-up lessons from the fall term must be completed before December 23, and lessons from the winter and spring terms must be made up by one week after the end of normal academic year lessons. If a student arrives late for a lesson, he or she will receive instruction for the remainder of the scheduled lesson only, out of respect to those whose lessons follow. SCHOOL, NATIONAL AND RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS: Please do not assume that it is understood that your child will miss scheduled lessons during holidays or other functions. As students come from many countries and school districts, are home schooled, or are not yet in school, the studio will not follow any particular school calendar. Please refer to your studio schedule for details. ZERO TOLERANCE: Strings Around The World strives to foster a respectful and nurturing environment conducive to learning. As such, the use of abusive language, threats and harassment of any kind from any parent or student will not be tolerated. Strings Around The World reserves the right to issue warnings and/or discontinue lessons should the behaviour of a student or parent violate this policy. LESSON TERMINATION: After the second week of the current term, those in the Academic Term Program must give 1 month’s notice to cancel lessons. One of the ways we teach respect, responsibility and follow-through is to teach our children how to end well. Please keep this in mind should you elect to end your lessons. OPEN DOORS: Exposure to good music, and to the sight and sound of the instruments the children are studying, is basic to the a well-rounded music education and the Strings Around The World approach. Parents are encouraged to allow siblings to watch lessons, and children are encouraged to listen to and/or experience music as often as possible. PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES (for school-aged students) In order to fully nurture your child's musical development, parents are encouraged to obtain a properly sized instrument, ensure a properly working computer, webcam and internet connection are available for lessons; Purchase appropriate music instruction books and recordings; Supervise your child's daily practice and listening; Attend all lessons, taking notes and asking for clarification when necessary. For Suzuki families: familiarizing yourself with the Suzuki philosophy by reading such books as Dr. Suzuki's Ability Development from Age Zero and Nurtured By Love as well as William Starr's To Learn With Love.