WHAT HARDWARE DO I NEED TO START? Many students find that they are happy with a computer, webcam and internet connection. Most recent Macs and PCs have built in webcam devices. If your computer doesn't have one, your teacher can recommend some reasonably priced equipment that's well suited for Skype lessons. 

WHAT SOFTWARE DO I NEED? You will need to download Skype and set up a an account (if you don't have one already)

WIRED OR WIRELESS? Wired internet connections provide faster and more reliable connections (it's what our teachers use to ensure reliability), but either can work. 

DO YOU RENT OR LEND INSTRUMENTS? No. It is each student/parent's responsibility to rent, borrow or purchase an instrument. Help is always available with an extensive list of world wide luthiers and music shops. Your teacher can point you in the right direction.

WHAT OTHER SUPPLIES WILL I NEED? You'll need some supplementary supplies depending on your instrument (like a bow, rosin, shoulder rest, music stand and pencil). You may need to purchase additional sheet music from time to time throughout your studies.