FAQs: Virtual Lessons

We've developed ways to make virtual lessons as engaging and informative as in-person sessions. Simply log in with your instrument in hand and let us take care of the rest!

HOW DOES A VIRTUAL LESSON WORK? We arrange a mutually convenient time for your lesson and meet online instead of meeting in person. Before you know it, you or your child will be learning just as you would if we were in the same room!

HOW DO I KNOW WHAT LESSON LENGTH IS RIGHT FOR ME OR MY CHILD? Every student is unique, but a good general guideline for young students is 30 minutes for beginning students (Suzuki Books 1 and 2), 45 minutes for intermediate students (Suzuki Books 3 and 4) and 60 minutes for advanced students. Lesson lengths for adults depend on each individual's level, goals, practice habits and time constraints. 

WHAT MUSICAL SKILLS DO YOU TEACH? A well-rounded musical education includes a thorough grounding in instrumental technique, musical interpretation and expression, note reading, rhythmic development, critical listening and theory. All of these skills are covered, though the lesson "recipe" will change from week to week. 

IS IT TRUE THAT "SUZUKI KIDS" NEVER LEARN TO READ MUSIC? No, and unfortunately this is a common misconception that scares many parents away from the Suzuki Method. Suzuki's method is based on the principal that children learn music in the same way as a language - first by speaking and then by reading and writing. In no way does the Suzuki Method preclude reading and theory. In fact, when taught well, many Suzuki students read better than their traditionally-taught counterparts.