Experience the best in string music education with Strings Around The World: feel the joy of music, enjoy the thrill of  learning, benefit from the personal attention of a small conservatory and join a community of music lovers from all over the world.

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Quality Teaching

Take lessons with world class, university-trained teachers who specialize in virtual teaching. Chosen through a rigorous interview process, Strings Around The World's teachers are here to help all students regardless of where they live, how old they or or how long they've been playing. 

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Personal Attention

Providing one-on-one lessons with world-class teachers is only part of what we do. Music education specialist and Strings Around The World Director Mary-Elizabeth Brown meets with every student and family to make sure you connect with the right teacher, and our faculty go the extra mile to ensure that students have the best experience possible.

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Our community of students and teachers from around around the world is vibrant and active. Join us to connect with other music lovers, read interviews with members of the faculty and the broad community, watch tutorials and participate in our virtual recitals. 

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